Looking Back

End of the year is the time when everyone gets reflective. Makes notes about where to make changes and where to keep moving forward.

I looked back a bit further. Continue reading


Your Motive

I don’t know anything. I’m no master of philosophy. Not a college trained nutritionist. Not an experienced physical trainer. Not a journeyman musician. Most certainly not a successful author. Can’t be sure I’ve hit middle age yet. I’m barely qualified to give an opinion; it could be different tomorrow. People do better when they don’t follow my advice; best I can do is help them make up their own minds. So what are you doing here? Continue reading

Meeting Others

Sacrificing my comfort and biking a cold NYC night. Shiny new Kindle Fire in hand I attend a panel discussion featuring Denis Hamill, Ken Wishnia, and Shailly Agnihotri at the Bayside Community Library. Have no idea what I’ll hear. Excited. At the start of the unknown. So much potential in this moment. I’m rambling; a man on a first date. Continue reading

Saying Yes

Supervisor asked us to scrub machine room floors today. Gave us brushes on broom handles and grease cutter to mix in water. I’m a custodian. This is part of the job. The rooms were slightly larger than a submarine’s hallway. We had to bend over to keep from hitting our heads on pipes.

I was not ecstatic. Continue reading

Saint Christopher

Long holiday weekend. Lot of family. Lot of food. It’s over now. Time for the regular life. Until I get another long holiday weekend.
I didn’t post yesterday. Didn’t write one. This may not mean much to you, yet. This means everything to me. I failed a choice I made when I started this blog. Told myself I would post everyday. It was how I was going to get better as a writer. Known as a writer. People can’t read what’s not written. They’re not superheroes. I messed up. Is it over? Continue reading

Happy Sunday

Short post. Got family sitting around the table upstairs. Was lots of food. Dessert served now, music and conversation getting louder. Hopefully not too much food in me. Good times.

My wish is for all of you to find that passion that sets our world on fire. More so, the strength and courage to act on it everyday.

Happy Holidays,