Japanese vs Mexican-EDIT 12/20

I remember when I VIOLENTLY loved sushi. I rode my bike home for lunch faster when I knew there was a fresh piece of tuna in the fridge. I’m in high gear going downhill squinting from the sun. As I cross into the shadow of the New Science Building I see a stopped car waiting for the light to change.

Right in front of me.

I squeeze my brakes as hard as possible, but going downhill means that the bike stops; not me. I front flip over the handlebars and land on my right shoulder. I hop up, seeing my tacoed front tire. My shoulder hurts, but it’s more immobile than anything. Right knee has felt better. I start hobbling the mile and a half home, bike hung over my left shoulder. With a serious amount of discomfort I look at my shoulder. Not fantastic. I call my job; I’m going to the ER.

But first I gotta have some sashimi.


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