Why I Hate the NFL-EDIT 12/19

I made the effort. I wash up, feed myself, get dressed, pay for a cab, arrive at my girlfriend’s moms’ for her birthday and instead of being social I’m typing away. Sheesh. Sunday. Football. The Jets are mounting a comeback against the Eagles.

When we were kids I had GI Joe. Not Marlon Wayans. I took toothpicks and tape and made lightsabers for them-Star Wars was a BIG deal to me. We invented Power Soccer. It was an excuse to push each other around and laugh. Later we changed Pearl Jam and Nirvana lyrics just like Weird Al Yankovic and played Green Day songs as a swing band.

We invented. We created. We made stuff up. Rules were things to be learned, broken, then replaced.

I go to work and pay my bills but I’m late all the time. I don’t vote, listen to radio, watch TV or movies. I don’t want kids. Retirement on a Floridian golf course sounds like a prison sentence.

Anyone twisting rules? Better yet, anyone creating new ones?


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