Out of a Warm Bed-EDIT 12/20

It was hard getting out of my warm bed this morning. This is NYC, a week before Christmas. Despite losing all that weight my girlfriend still thinks I’m a teddy bear. I could stay here all day. This post better be worth it…

This is scary. Just because you see a lot of movies doesn’t make you Original Trilogy George Lucas. I’ve been reading since I was three, but that means squat. And then I decide to write in public. So everyone can read how I’m an amateur. Even if I pull down a post it was still out there for anyone to read. I’ve painted myself out of a corner, for all to see. Why?

It’s more humiliating to go back than to fail.

That had to be the hardest sentence I’ve ever written.

I’m kicking my own ass out of the nest. I’m tired of this existence, but not ready to call it quits. I’m a suicide jumper, trying to evolve muscle into wings before I hit the ground.

So please, pull up a chair. Stay an observer If you’d like, but I’d rather have you along for the trip. Should be entertaining for all involved.


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