Open Road

I’ve never written a travel log before. My cousin wants to read stories. So let’s try until the wheels fall off.

On a bus headed north. Family I haven’t seen since before Thanksgiving. East 84, not that it’s important. So what is?

The fact that even with a netbook, typing in an enclosed space is a pain.

I’m no longer a big man. You’d think this would be easier. Left elbow against a cold window, right one jammed between seats. They’re spread wide so I can keep my netbook on my lap. Not falling onto the floor. Moments like these convince me to get a Kindle.

Connecticut, Christmas Eve. Not many cars on the road. Don’t expect many. Fast trip, be there soon.

I did love traveling. When I had a license and car access I could be found anywhere. Gas money meant no restrictions. Didn’t need a destination. Only time; when did I have to be back at work, school. Night driving meant no traffic and lots of speed. Day driving meant weaving in and out of traffic.

Sun setting behind, to the left. New York this afternoon was cold. I’ll be happy for central heat in New England.

Traveling was always about the drive. Windows open all year round. Radio off. Driving was automatic. My thoughts were on their own trip. It was one of the few times where thoughts and actions were one. Music was another.

Fastlane passes are dammed convenient. I don’t know why they aren’t built into all new cars.

Music. I miss playing. Creating. Exchanging ideas. I hope my brother still has an acoustic lying around. I was never great at playing chords but I want to set up an open tuning and strum. I want to create sound.

Sky in front of us is a cool blue to purple to white.

After I quit I’ll find musicians to create with. Not sure about making hit videos and chart topping tunes. Might hit some performances and post reviews. Writing this blog is satisfying and instigating this creative itch. So many possibilities.

Made it. Just as cold as I thought. And just as warm.

This isn’t my best post ever. Have to admit to being out of the holiday (shopping) spirit. Christmas hasn’t been my favorite time for a while. I don’t like shopping, and I’m the guy who gets what he wants for himself, instead of waiting for a gift. The opportunity to be with loved ones is the real joy, but gets pushed away by the commercialism. This won’t be a rant against capitalism. Just find your joy and love and embrace it with both hands. Then do that everyday, not just December 25.



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