Controlling The Monster

First a bit of housekeeping: I’ve added a Contact Page.

I realize you may want to speak to me about issues that are off topic to posts. So I’ve created an email and Twitter reminder. The more you let me know your thoughts the more content you’ll give me to write about…and hopefully take action on!

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It’s time for a little experiment.
I procrastinate. Been doing it for a long time. I know I have bills to pay but I wait till the last-minute to write checks, sometimes after the last-minute passes. I was always the last to clock in at work even though I lived the closest. Even posting to this blog I can be a bit irresponsible.
What if I took this into account? What if I built it into the system? Continue reading

Last Day

Halfway through.

No drama. Wasn’t expecting any. Some people may miss me. I did get to know a couple if decent folks. But there won’t be any exchanges of cell numbers or emails. No worries. I got what I wanted. Sort of. I was looking for NYC bail money. This town is so expensive. And crowded. As always a guys’ plan can be derailed by a girl. But I’m happy, so no tears. I may still jump ship, just not alone.

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