Why Am I Bashing Your Hobby?

I hate television.

I put that upfront because everyone I know watches it. A lot of it. Now they don’t have to read. How I’ll make fun of them. For those on the fence, read my well thought out reasons.

I want that time

According to biz.gov (http://www.bls.gov/news.release/atus.nr0.htm) Americans watched an average of 2.7 hours a day of TV. Almost 19 hours a week! That’s time I’d rather spend reading. Or writing. Or having sex.

I’ve seen it all before

Do we really need multiple versions of Law & Order, CSI, NCIS, local news, sports ,and remodeled homes? Once Upon a Time is based on fairy tales we grew up with. You believe in recycling that much? Clean up the local park.

It’s not that good

Keeping Up With the Kardasians? Real Housewives? Jersey Shore?!? The joke writes itself, doesn’t it?

It leads to the same conversations over and over

You saw it, your coworkers and friends DVR’d it, your family was on the couch with you when you saw it. Now you’re going to talk about it? You have no choice; instead of doing something and having a great story to tell, you all watched the same show. Try biking down NYC’s Lexington Ave dodging buses and delivery trucks. Revenge won’t seem that exiting anymore.

It’s a slow death

I’ve seen it time and time again. It used to happen to me. You work all day, come home, and all you want to do is relax. Turn off your mind and veg. And what happens to plants that are left without nutrition and sunlight? They rot. They die. They smell bad. They get thrown out.

I’d rather spend that money on something else

40 inch television-$1000. PS3-$300 which plays DVD’s and Blu-ray. Internet-$30 a month. Netflix-$8 a month. Movies-$10 at a theater if you go alone, or are a cheap bastard. And there’s cable and pay per view. Wouldn’t you rather take that cash and stalk Kat Dennings? She’s tasty…mmm…

My girl is addicted to Netflix. How do we make it work? Headphones, Slacker Radio, and an Kindle Fire mean I can write anywhere Ugly Betty isn’t.


2 thoughts on “Why Am I Bashing Your Hobby?

  1. you’ve just made me feel like a life-waster…! Although I don’t watch tv that much, your post had a certain poignancy since it is almost half past midnight and there’s a Christian Slater movie on in the background as I type this. I found your ‘About Me’ section interesting – I look forward to reading more of you. 🙂

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