Why I’ll Never start a business

I’m a horrible employee. My job has a seven minute grace period to account for emergencies that may cause lateness. I’m always late. I never have emergencies. I put in the minimum required work, and have actually left when I was required to do more. I read and write for this blog all the time, despite my job not paying me too. Lunch always starts early and runs late. I used to leave the job site to chill with my girl on work hours. I have no desire to be here, no desire to advance, no desire to do my job.

I’m here to collect a check.

You aren’t any better at yours. You’ve lied, cheated, and stole from your job, just on a small enough scale that you don’t feel bad about it. Probably even justified. “They don’t pay me enough or recognize my genius contributions. And everyone else is doing it…”

There isn’t much incentive to do more, or even what’s required. We have no emotional connection to our jobs as they have none to us. Successes aren’t rewarded, and failures are punished, even when no one is at fault. Your fate it often determined by strangers; higher up who see the bottom line.

So what can we do?

Start a business.

Yeah, I know what I said up front. But companies have been replacing workers for years with programs and machines. Follow suit. Start with a small idea and handle everything. Manufacturing, shipping, marketing, accounting. When it becomes too much outsource. Or take the information path. That’s my plan. We all pay for electronic content in some way. Create and develop your ideas. There are many ways to get your work to people. Start, and learn as you go.

Make your success your employees success.

If you need workers, give them more than a paycheck. Percentages of profits, bonuses after big sales. Or go a more human route. Professional massage, company picnics and holiday parties. Become a part of their families and make them a part of your business.

Is there any hope if you don’t want to go down one of these paths? Yes. Find businesses like these. They’re out there, usually small businesses. Work for them and get your family and friends to support them. These are the places that support communities and create community.

If you do start your own business, good luck. Maybe I’ll apply for a job…


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