Two Weeks

In two weeks my life changes. How so? The bad, first:

I will have no insurance or income.
I have no trust fund or investments with interest to live off of.
Many in my family will be upset and not understanding.

The good?

I will have a most precious commodity: time
The most understanding girl I’ve ever met.
Some family that will be ecstatic and supportive.
Cheap rent for a great apartment.
Amazing health.
A healthy bank account.
A desire to succeed and work, just not for anyone else.

So what will I do now?

There are two main focuses for me now. Now is the time for me to explore and create. Read, write, draw, have fun. But I also see unhappy people who I care about. I want to find ways to help. But not just them. I’m not claiming to be an expert, just someone who cares and has time. If you have questions about your life, or what I’m doing with mine, contact me through Twitter of Facebook. I need more happy, passionate, successful people in my life. If you’ve created the kind of life you want for yourself message me how you did it.


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