I totally messed up. Been enjoying my last few weeks at work. It’s so relaxing when you don’t care and everybody knows it. There’s no intimidation, no arguments; just peace. I recommend it to all. Try not lying and show people what you are and what you think. But don’t intentionally hurt anyone; that doesn’t make life better for anybody.
And this whole aside is why I don’t have a post prepared for today. Forgot it needed to be done. I know this means something to a few of you out there. And to those I say sorry. Hope this post made you think a bit though. We need a crapload more truth in our existence today. But it wont start with those in power or those we need it from. I will start with me. Hope you’ll tell me the truth when we communicate. Thanks if you do. I mean it.


One thought on “Whoops!

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