There’s an App for this, isn’t there?

Monday is going to be my last day at work. That makes today my second to last day. So I call out, and have been relaxing. I see now that this won’t be an inactive “retirement”. I still loathe TV and movies, and I can’t get into any games, despite having a netbook, XBox 360, a PS3, and internet (I seem to be easily distracted by games on my Kindle Fire, and that will have to be addressed). But I’m bored, and looking for something to do, already. There’s plenty of work to be done on the apartment, but it’s not a constant upkeep project. Just cleaning, rearranging, and painting. There’s a stack of books I haven’t finished, and I will. My trouble is I love research so much I don’t get any work done. I’ll be going on a very restrictive media diet soon, in part to rein in this Kindle app fetish of mine.

So what will I do?

Leave. Get out. Meet people. Have conversations. Become the Anti-Hermit.

As a teen I was always the bookworm and solitude seeker, but I was never antisocial. I was active from the morning alarm till bedtime, and beyond because of insomnia. Most of my hours were spent with people in the form of schoolmates, musicians, coworkers, friends, family, and churchgoers. As I aged my circle of friends and activities shrank.

It’s time to open it up again. Get out and make some noise.

My reasons are twofold: As many opportunities as I can experience are chances to learn about myself. I have no idea if I’ve hit midlife but now is the time for rediscovery. I can’t go on as I have. Everything is up for examination. This leads to my second reason: One thing I’ve learned is I don’t do well working for others. I learn fast which leads me to believe I know more than my bosses. So now is the chance for me to be the boss so I can tell myself off. Getting out will give me opportunities to learn what people want and need, and they can see what I have to offer. The last thing I want is to sell dental floss to those with dentures. So I’ll spend a whole lot of time listening, and a good bit of time asking questions. This does not exclude Cyberspace. If any readers have thoughts, questions, answers, or spare cash falling out of their pockets stand up and speak out! Ask me to step up and prove my words are genuine. I’ll do what I can to help, or find some one who can. Thanks for the chance. Now I’m off to check out the Amazon Free App of the Day…


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