Last Day

Halfway through.

No drama. Wasn’t expecting any. Some people may miss me. I did get to know a couple if decent folks. But there won’t be any exchanges of cell numbers or emails. No worries. I got what I wanted. Sort of. I was looking for NYC bail money. This town is so expensive. And crowded. As always a guys’ plan can be derailed by a girl. But I’m happy, so no tears. I may still jump ship, just not alone.

So what next?

I said in my last post that I was going to get out. I’ve been thinking about what that means exactly. I’m really looking for chances to help. Small and large I don’t want to say no, not yet. I can’t be sure where my next adventure can cone from so I’ll look everywhere. Getting involved with different organizations will connect me to people with all kinds of needs. I know business opportunities are all around me, I just need to see them.

And yes, I’ll be writing about them.

Writing still gives me the time to examine my actions and thoughts. I still like the public accountability of a blog. And reading the blogs of others with different interests. I’ll be taking more time to comment on them as well. Discussions can only lead to great things. If you drop by and have a blog I’ll check out your work. I look forward to reading about your actions and thoughts


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