The Roar

I love being healthy. I want those around me healthy. I was working on a program that was simple and would be successful for any who tried it. Learned two important things:

It can’t be done.

We are all to different for one thing to work for all. For each one who has ever walked this Earth there is a unique path towards Death. I cannot tell you the exact path that will get you there.

And it shouldn’t be done.

The last life I want is one with everyone walking lockstep towards Death. It’s boring and impossible. You cannot get everyone to think, act, and look the same. Can’t. It’s time to embrace our individuality on a deeper scale. What does that mean?


This could be considered impossible. But unless we spend more time looking within than without we risk a life lived dishonestly. This is not to say we all walk alone from Birth to Death. Our Paths most definitely overlap. That overlap is where we experience our greatest joys and challenges and I will not recommend anyone walk away from those. But we need to see from our own points of view. We each get a perspective that no one else can ever lay claim to. Ever. Have you given it up because someone else sounded more right than you think you are?

I have and still do, unfortunately. I’m getting better.

Shutting out the opinions of others can feel like solitary confinement. Silence turns the mind into a deafening roar. Don’t run from it. Stand in front of the shouting lion that is yourself, your thoughts, your loves, your opinions. Open your eyes and stare down its throat. Besides the truth, your truth, you will find the strength, health, and courage to stand up to the roars of the crowd. You’ll find it’s just a whimpering breeze.


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