It’s time for a little experiment.
I procrastinate. Been doing it for a long time. I know I have bills to pay but I wait till the last-minute to write checks, sometimes after the last-minute passes. I was always the last to clock in at work even though I lived the closest. Even posting to this blog I can be a bit irresponsible.
What if I took this into account? What if I built it into the system?
I’ve given myself a 6:30 EST deadline for posting. So from now on I’ll start working at 5:30 EST with a goal of 250 words. As I get comfortable (read-lazy) I’ll give myself less time and/or a goal of more words.
So why intentionally do this? Why not learn not to wait untill the last moment?
I want to use my time better. Now that I’m no longer wasting it at a job I want to respect it and use it well. I’ve been studying my stretching and work out activities to make the best use of my effort. I gave up movies and television long ago. I get to read ebooks and listen to audiobooks with my full attention.
I hate multitasking. I can’t accomplish as much as I can focusing on one topic at a time. And I can’t enjoy anything properly with a divided mind. So now I don’t.
So I wont spend all day staring at a screen thinking of a topic an d wrestling with ideas and words. Just sit down, write, and give myself time to live. If you think this experiment in any way affects the quality of my posts I actually want to hear so. Tell me I’m insane or brilliant. Better yet tell me if you’ve had any success or failure with this method.
And if you’re curious I finished this post, without proofreading or editing yet, by 6:10 EST with 316 words.


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