Controlling The Monster

First a bit of housekeeping: I’ve added a Contact Page.

I realize you may want to speak to me about issues that are off topic to posts. So I’ve created an email and Twitter reminder. The more you let me know your thoughts the more content you’ll give me to write about…and hopefully take action on!

And now we return you to our regularly scheduled program…

I’ll admit that I’m a reading and research junkie. I check the Kindle store multiple times a day to find free books, many of which I cannot hope to read in my lifetime. I’m terribly partial to self-help/philosophical/memoir musings that I hope can help me improve myself. Having no job to squander forty hours a week on leaves me even more time to indulge.

But I have to quit.

Or at least rein it in. Why? The idea of self-improvement is the worthiest goal any human can aspire to. This planet can only get better when we take the time to see our own value. Then we can see the value of those around us, and then the world. So why give this up?

Because I’m losing perspective.

It’s too easy for me to get lost in thoughts. Reading all these fantastic books I get well researched, well argued points of views. And I take it all in and think. I dwell, mull everything over. STAY IN MY HEAD. And that leads to inaction. This was the reason for this blog. To get out of my head, and stay out. So how do I avoid falling back into the comfortable universe that is my mind?

I guess I could write my own book…

Instead of feeding the monster, how bout I make it work out?

I’ve decided to put my “unique” perspective on life in an easily accessible form. Anytime I’m tempted to toil too long in another’s field I’ll pull out my Kindle and write.

How is that different from the blog?

At seven hundred eighty-nine words it’s coming off as advice for living aphorisms. Less focused thoughts and more ramblings on life as I (think I) know it. As I write more I may put some of it on the blog for all to attack. There are no specific plans for publication. But I can’t read the future. I haven’t read the book to show me how to do that yet…


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