So, what am I doing?

Sitting in front of my netbook, a day before my post time. Trying to create a post a day, even though I post three times a week. But I got nothing. Not a topic in mind.

Can I only create under pressure?

In a previous post,, I wrote how I’m forcing myself to work with a deadline. I made that goal, no problem. But now that I try to get a jump on it I’m left writing about my empty mind.

So will this whole post be about how I can’t write unless I’m under pressure, or unless I’m complaining about not having pressure?

If I finish it my experiment is moot; I prove I can work without pressure and I have no more excuses to procrastinate. Unless all I can write about is complaints. The real test comes from doing it day after day. So there isn’t anything to contemplate; I do it or I don’t.

So I’m left wondering about limitations and barrier braking. How I can live with something for so long a habit develops, desired or not. Can a habit be easily broken just by confronting it?

Only if the habit was never confronted.

I have people I care about who are smokers. I don’t like it. They don’t like it. They want to quit, but have failed many times. I can’t give them a guaranteed method for quitting, even though I have some thoughts about how: not being a smoker means I have no authority, only an interest in health. Maybe I can help them confront the reasons why they started or why they keep doing it.

In my book I wrote

“What is not known cannot be studied or changed. Know yourself.”

I’m in the best time of my life. From the time I get up till the time I fall asleep I study and know myself. Every moment it filled with discovery.

So what am I doing? Learning.


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