My Kingdom

I feel like a king.

I’ve heard “timing is everything”. I don’t believe that. Not as much as “time is everything”. This has been a slowly growing concept for me, but has taken on some huge implications lately.

Back up at bit.

I was raised to work hard, save, and one day retire as a financially comfortable old man. This would happen through years spent at a well-paying career.

So many problems with this approach.

I never liked any of the jobs I’ve had to create a career out of them. I was never a morning person so as to commit to the good paying ones. I HATED suits as a big man; I would sweat them out. Then more recently as a custodian I learned my biggest lessons: working for someone else means THEY set my salary, the time I spend at work, and the type of work I did.

They’re in control. Me, not so much.

Turning 35 two years ago and being unhealthy created a vision of the future that scared me: diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma, low stamina, joint pain, and early death. A shortened existence with nothing but pain.

I took control.

Slowly I added healthier foods to my diet and started walking. Two and a half years later I’m a mostly raw vegan. I exercise everyday, bike for transportation, and do yoga twice a week. I’m 110 pounds lighter, healthier than I’ve ever been, and looking forward to a long, fantastic life.

I’m in control, and I want more.

Just as I saw my health’s future I saw my career’s: 40 hours a week, decade after decade. A paycheck that barely covers my expenses and in a few short years probably wouldn’t. Day after day with coworkers and employers I hated being around. A retirement that wouldn’t pay for much of a life, and all the time I could have when I was no longer at my physical peak.

Not inspiring, is it?

I had to jump overboard. To extend the metaphor, yeah, now I’m floating around, no island in sight and no desire to jump on any passing ship.

And I feel like a king.

Every moment is mine. To improve. To explore. To better myself as I see fit.

Many of my posts going forward will be about time: how I use it, how I invest it. The blog will allow for constant reflections on my actions. I hope to meet others who can inspire my future actions. What kind of world would this be if we all lived like kings and queens?


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