Setting Limits And Going Beyond

Some more housekeeping…felt a new focus for my life and the blog required a new look. If it causes mass hysteria I’ll search for a new-er look.

Going forward I’ll be posting five days a week Monday to Friday at 6:00 EST. All this free time and the excellent procrastination experiment(continue reading) is creating a steady output, so I decided to share the wealth…unless you don’t care for my writing then its torture. You could not read the blog, unless you like torture. Either way you’re welcome.

And our regular content now…

What is it about a limitation that sets off a mindset to go beyond?

I started an experiment to make sure I had the minimum done, actually. To use procrastination to my advantage. An hour before each post was to go live I had to write two hundred and fifty words. I did that, and decided to write more for the next post. An extra twenty-five words per post, with no extra time. I did that, then decided to write everyday, even though I post three days a week. Now I have extra posts and a new curiosity:

How else can I accomplish more by applying restrictions?

In 1955 C. Northcote Parkinson wrote in The Economist

It is a commonplace observation that work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

This was a fantastic find for not only for a guy like me who procrastinated but as someone who is just learning the value of Time. To accomplish the same as usual, or even more, in the time usually alloted? And for the quality to increase because the mind is more focused, more aware of the limits? How about getting more done in less time? My mind starts to swell with ideas for different applications.

Sleep. How much do I need before my actions suffer? The first order of business is to get all of my sleep during sunset and sunrise(an old habit of my poor-health-induced-insomnia was sleeping till 12 in the afternoon. I’m down to 9AM). I’m not that far off. There’s a technique known as polyphasic sleeping that requires more research before attempting.

Exercise. I’m not a young man anymore. I take extra time to stretch and progress though sets and reps. But maybe I can reduce my output to increase my results.

Reading. This is a challenging one, but could easily result in a massive gain. By limiting the amount of time I can read in a day I have no choice but to find the best materials and quickly toss lower quality works.

These topic and more deserve their own posts in a continuing fashion. So I will. All of these experiments will be written about with as much detail as I can. These limits are promising a whole world of possibilities.


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