The Mountain Of Information

I sat down in front of my netbook without a thought as to what to write. I think I know what the problem is: has so much free content, it’s killing me.

I love books. Amazon has over a million books. Therefore I love Amazon. Even more delicious is the huge choice of free books. With just a little time I can find books on any subject. The possibilities for learning and entertainment are endless. I can’t think of a time where so much information has become available to anyone who wants it. Even if you didn’t have internet access, cable television has educational channels and libraries remain free to the public. Living anywhere close to a populated area means you can start a conversation with anyone and learn whatever they have to tell you. Amazon just happens to be my prefered addiction for research.

The relationship is not without dysfunctions though.

The time I spend looking for content can get ridiculous. Do I really need to charge my Kindle almost twice a day? Really? Yeah, really. I have one hundred and seventy-six books downloaded. I got my Kindle at Christmas 2011. I have finished seventeen books (some were purchased and read before I got the Kindle, on my Droid cell. I’m a freak, not a mutant). That’s a lot of research of samples, and some books I won’t download. So, much of this time is getting content, before I’ve had the chance to start and finish a book. Being almost self-employed (haven’t started a business; too busy doing research…) means the time isn’t really going to waste, not by my standards. But it is creating a larger problem:

All this reading of other people’s ideas is cutting into my time to have and develop my ideas.

This is not my slam against other authors or works outside my own mind. I have one perspective, the only one I’ll get in my existence. It’s no different for anyone else. We all see the same events in our own ways, even when seeing and experiencing them together. But I can never know how another perceives until I engage them, listen to their opinions, read their thoughts. It’s how I find out how wrong I can be from my limited point of view.

As a guy can I really tell you how a woman should regard abortion? Nah, and you all know it.

But all that great research takes away from time alone, looking in for opinions and answers. I am unique, as are you. Yeah, we all know it, but sometimes we forget how far to take that truth. I choose to look within; to find all the strengths and weaknesses, ideas great and small. I may not revolutionize the world with my thoughts, but maybe I will. Only if I take the time to know


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