Stretching is vital to my daily schedule. Have a program based on my experience doing P90X last year. every morning before I do anything else I stretch, work out, and take a hot bath to release any tight muscles. It’s made me more flexible and pain-free than I’ve ever been.

And now this blog is stretching my abilities.

The goal of writing every day for a minimum of words is taking me past comfortable levels. Creating something new forces me to look deep within. Go places new to me. Try new ideas. Not being a professional writer I don’t have a huge reservoir to draw from.

I’m starting to see the edge of my skills, and that’s kinda cool.

Knowing a barrier is coming up I have an opportunity to grow. But I won’t be able to scale the wall just because it’s there and I need to be on the other side. It will take creativity and work. So how will I do it?

Don’t know, haven’t been here before! But I have a few ideas:

1 The obvious would be learn how to write. With all the information I rambled about yesterday there’s no shortage of opinions on how I can improve. I was leery of getting lost in the works of others but if I can balance it out I might just get a tidbit or two to help me along.

2 I attended a writer’s workshop a while back. They were focused on fiction, which isn’t my strength, but this could be a great opportunity to stretch my capabilities. The art of telling a story is no different in fiction, memoirs, comedy or marketing.

3 Non-other people-employment is a great excuse to sit around and read all day long. Maybe I need to leave the nest a bit. Start random conversations with strangers. Go places nobody talks about. Treat my hometown like a tourist.

4 One of the joys of this blog is finding other bloggers’ works and having them find mine. Since many of them have been writing longer than me it’s time I tried a little more than reading their content. It’s time I engage them in conversation. And the floor here is always open to anyone with a mind. I always welcome comments, emails, and Twitter messages.

None of these tricks or any others will guarantee my success as a writer. But they will challenge me to be better writer and human by stretching me beyond my comforts. For that alone it’s a successful idea.


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