Fundamental Shift

Sometimes a few of us get a moment. Where a fundamental aspect of who we think we are gets shifted. And everything changes.

A recap: at thirty-five years old I saw my health was going to lead to a short, but miserable life. I knew I couldn’t make the much-needed changes overnight, so I started adding fruit and vegetables to my diet. I walked as much as I could. Two and a half years later I’m a new man, one hundred and ten pounds lighter, and healthier than I’ve ever been. You think that would have been my fundamental shift but it was just a turning point.

It came a year later. I was eating less processed food and cycling everywhere. Seventy five pounds lighter. With all the small changes, they added up to a real change. That’s when it hit me.

I would never go back to the person I was. The one who got me to thirty-five was done. I would never live that way again.

I was the one who made me who I was. I could change that. I was in control. And I’m still living with the consequences of that insight.

I recently quit my job. Just like my health, I saw that it wasn’t leading me anywhere I wanted to go. Most people would be terrified of a change of this nature. Most people won’t understand why. They don’t understand that I’m not the same person I was. I know many may miss him, or hate who I’ve become. That’s OK. I love who I am now.

And after a shift fear means nothing. It means a lot less anyway. Because the alternative is obvious the unknown becomes comfortable. I don’t fear poverty or homelessness. Family and friends can choose to turn away. But I have a power I’ve never had.

Choice. I choose to try a different path. I choose to try something other than what everyone else is doing.

This could all turn out to be a massive mistake, and I’m happy I did it. Now I have a chance to be happy. Even if it’s just a moment.


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