Sitting Still

Not dedicating forty hours a week to someone elses’ desires leaves me with a lot of time. Instead of doing more, I’ve chosen to go minimalist. I continue to avoid the horrors that are television and movies. Not checking Yahoo mail on my netbook means I don’t see their top stories. Facebook and Twitter are for posting blog updates and occasionally checking in on people’s humorous take on the world. I’ve unplugged the Xbox, and once I finish Unreal tournament 3’s single player the PS3 is getting dusty. Audible cues on my cell have been turned off; I only get messages when I want them.

The free time this leaves me with is astounding. I can go to bed early, wake early, and take my time stretching. This routine alone gives me the energy and pain-free existence I need to go all day (cycling last year I fell and had a grade three shoulder separation. I stressed my back compensating for all the awkwardness that is a one-armed man). I can work out every day, read as much as I want, and shop farmers markets for the freshest produce. My girlfriend and I haven’t killed each other with all this face time either. Life is good, with one small issue:

I have too much time now.

This is a perfect time to pick up a new skill or hobby. Delve into all the possibilities of raw food preparation. Start a business (not sure doing what yet…). Sell everything and travel. This is actually happening, but it’s not an overnight process. More details will follow in a later post. While all these topics and more will find a way into my future there is something I can do now that may have the greatest impact on my life:


Sit down, shut up, and stop. Stop all the noise creating. Put all the plans on hold. Turn off the mind and listen. Learn to be happy and at peace wherever I am. Before I run off, stop and enjoy the freedom. Don’t run off to a new responsibility without seeing if it’s good or bad. Get all New Agey and be One with the moment.

Without the need to please someone else and do as they ask I can really tune into myself and see what I want and need. Yeah, it sounds selfish, but it’s a great time to be alive.


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