The Secret of My Success?

I don’t have the secret to Immortality (maybe immorality…) or the Blueprint to the Best Life Ever but I think I have a couple of key pieces.


I’ve mentioned this before. I start everyday stretching any tight muscles I wake up with, and then hit any spots that may cause problems throughout the day. And as my day progresses I’ll continue to stretch. This takes care of old pains and prevents new ones from cropping up.


The majority of my nutrition comes from raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. I do enjoy the occasional sushi, with rice and miso soup. And at the end of football season I had a bit too much beer and pepperoni pizza. But my weight and energy level are much easier to control on a raw diet. My next experiment will be less dried and fresh fruits and nuts, and more veggies. See if I can lose a couple of stubborn pounds and loose skin around my middle.


My routine is pull ups, push ups, and squats, daily. Bodyweight exercises allow me to strengthen bones, joints, and muscles. I’ve recently added some weights to see about some size, but will back off if aggravates injuries.


On a lifestyle of poor eating and exercise my sleep was pathetic. Four AM to Twelve PM and I was still tired all day. Now it’s One thirty AM to Eight AM and energy all day. After I get all my sleep hours before sunrise I’ll try out polyphasic sleep where you I’ll sleep lees hours at night and take a nap or two during the day.


I read everyday. I love books on health, nutrition, and exercise. I watch as many videos on yoga as I can get my hands on. One of these days I’ll commit myself to learning Japanese. I’m sure my girl would prefer if I learned more about raw food preparation and hydroponics.


I write everyday. It’s a great balance to all the reading. The time I spend looking in allows me to digest information and prevents assimilation without understanding. I look at my exercise routine to see if it’s effective or if I can make a change to make it more efficient.

These elements (and many more I plan on writing about in future posts) make up the person I am. Examining these elements to see what can be changed (for the better, but only to be known after experimentation)make up the person I will be. I may not live forever, but it’ll be a great life that is becoming greater.


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