The Sickness

Being the mortal that I am, I got sick. It only happens once, maybe twice a year. I think this one was the result of Monday’s bike shopping expedition ( My choices to overdress, not pack water, and not spend my time shopping smarter resulted in a back strained, sweaty, mentally exhausted, unhappy mess. A great recipe for illness.

So how do  get out of this predicament?

Sleep and rest

And lots of it. I felt the sickness last night so I hunkered down for a long rest. I piled on the blankets and left my alarm set for 7:30 AM. When it went off I turned it off, rolled over, and went back to sleep for another hour and a half. And midday my couch turned into a meditation chamber/nap zone. Why all the downtime? I believe in the body’s ability to heal. We get to a point of comfort that our bodies accept on all levels. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. it’s why habits are hard to break, even ones we know are destructive. Sickness is the body off-balance, and rest allows for righting of the ship, so to speak.


Fevers are uncomfortable. Runny noses aren’t fun. It’s the body’s way of removing crap. I don’t fight it. I try to enhance it. I sleep with extra blankets, take hotter baths and showers, and sit under a blanket at all times. Spicy soups are fantastic. Warms my throat and belly something fierce and I love it. Others may be partial to tea, but I’ll take warm water with honey and fresh ginger and lemon.

Light meals

Speaking of food, now is the time to lay back. I already eat raw so there’s no heavy fare, but I’ll eat way less than usual. My reasoning is energy. The body needs it to digest. You feel the lack of it after a big meal. I’d rather have it to fight off infections. The one element I won’t restrict but actually go heavy on is water. Everyone knows it flushes out toxins, and with all the sweating I do it’s a high priority.

No exercise

I also won’t work out or do any strenuous yoga or stretching. Continuing with my theory of energy, illness is not the time to repair the microtrama in muscles caused by resistance training. And who has the energy for cardio? I’ll sweat comfortably, thanks.

I’ve used this method to cure myself for years. I never stay ill longer than a couple of days, and I’ve even managed to not use a sick day for actual sicknesses. Left plenty of days to call out and go bike riding…


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