Today my girl did Kempo X from P90X. Having watched a lot of boxing as a kid with my dad I could see she was punching from her shoulders. I told her to think of martial artists. You can see well-developed quads, even on boxers, because that’s where their punches start from. Real power incorporates the whole body. She felt the difference immediately.

Thinking about this later brought to mind the Daoist thinker Zhuangzi. Speaking on “The True Man”,

“His breathing came from deep within. The breathing of the true man comes from his heels, while men in general breathe from their throats. When men are defeated in argument they throw up their words. Sunk in deep cravings, they are shallow in the ways of heaven.”

Book Six, Zhuangzi

Later, my girl and I were talking about traveling. I’m ready to sell everything and go around the world. She’s a bit more practical and isn’t that quick to give up our apartment. For me it comes down to what I want, and what I no longer need.

All of this brings me to the thought:

How committed are you?

It’s easy to make statements. It takes a little effort to make a plan. But action is the line between success and not even getting in the ring. Sometimes you take baby steps to insure steady progress, like a weight loss program or a workout routine. Other times you have to jump into the void. Life demands it for the biggest gains. You cannot experience another country by watching National Geographic. You can’t taste a meal watching The Food Network. No one will cry with you if you haven’t let them into your life. Life is for the living; are you already dead, zombie walking through your days? As long as you have breath in you, the option exists: live with the whole of you. Embrace your life with the deepest parts of you. Commit all your resources to your success: you may not always win but you will become a winner. Train with your all for the fight, then go fight.


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