One of the best ways to overcome adversity and move towards success is to look at the failure points of the past. What has kept you from your ultimate life?

Did your parents pass on some faulty genes to you? Are you not as tall or strong or as fat-free as you need to be? Or were they not able to financially support your desires?

Did you not have teachers who dedicated their every working hour to making sure you understood the material?

Did your college buddies offer you too many parties instead of study groups?

Did your first job give you a bad position instead of a clear path to the top? Was there a poor mentoring program, if at all?

Does your spouse expect you to fulfill the marital duties you agreed to at your wedding day, even though that was years ago?

Are your kids selfish? Do they expect you to provide for their needs with your time?

Are your friends comfortable in their existence? Don’t they constantly remind you to change what makes you unhappy?

Is there an addiction that won’t let you go?

Were you given a set of values that no longer lead to happiness, but you’ve had them for so long you don’t know how to let go of them?

Have I got the major reasons for your failures? Did I miss any?

It couldn’t be you, right? You’re not the one in charge of your life, are you?

Are you?


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