I’ve said it before, Existence is awesome. There is so much to be a part of. So much to take in. So much to learn. With the sources of information available to us all, there is no reason to stay ignorant about anything. And there is the good chance to become a master in any chosen topic. All it takes is the dedication of a student. With enough time, experience, and thought, any subject can be taken to depths never before known. The student can become a master. But therein lies a potential problem;

Masters can forget they were once students.

I lost and maintained my weight loss of one hundred and twenty pounds for almost three years now. That would make me a go-to guy for fitness information, you’d think. But bodyshrinking is not the same as bodybuilding. I was able to teach myself a lot about nutrition and basic activities by experimentation. If I thought walking and adding more fruit to my diet would make me healthier, I did it, and examined the outcome. Results showed me what worked and didn’t, and the experiment continued. So I thought the same logic would apply wo muscle gain.

It’s a bit different.

Not that I can’t learn from experiments again, but I haven’t been the best student. I’ve bounced around different methodologies, tried to piece my own routine together, and made something that wasn’t quite Frankenstein, but not quite an Olympian. Truth is I had so much success at weight loss I started barreling through muscle gain. I wasn’t taking the time to really study bodybuilding and see the rich history that’s there.

So it’s time for me to be a humble student again. I have some bodyweight centered ebooks on my Kindle Fire. It’s time to commit myself to working one cover to cover, examine my results, then decide if I’ll work and learn from another.

I hope you’ve taken the time to become a student. Revel in every moment of learning. Celebrate your successes, and redouble your efforts after a failure. Learn to love the process. Master your subject, then become a student, again and again. Don’t be an unhappy master, bored with nothing left to do. There is always a joy to be learned.


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