Faster and Faster

Not a long one, I don’t want to burden you with two long posts in one day.

Second day of the fast. Things are going smoother than expected. I was planning on slowly adjusting, by delaying my first meal 30 minutes a day till I got to 6:00 PM. But I got distracted and kept putting off eating on Monday till 6:20 PM. Last meal was at 11:20 PM. First meal today was 5:30 PM, last at 10:30 PM.

Surprisingly, it’s not that hard not to eat. Yesterday was a bit of work, but today was much smoother. I didn’t work out, so it was a less taxing day. I’m not pushing myself to get outside or do a bunch of housework; not looking to create a bunch of physical strain. I assume this would be harder if I was still working, so lucky me…

The hardest part to fathom is why I’m not overeating. When it’s time, I eat a fruit smoothie with some almonds, a salad with raw bay scallops, some oysters, and a desert of nuts, raw agave, raw cacao nibs, and cinnamon. Chalk it up to my lack of activity.

Enough about me, lets end with you. Where are you comfortable? What have you been doing for so long that it’s automatic, to the point it may actually be harming you? Where can you push your boundaries? Where can you take a step into the unknown, even if it’s a small one? Can you find out the lesson you want to teach yourself?


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