A Star is Born

Are your actions consistent with your goals? Or are you working against them?

The weather is getting warmer in NY. The other day I had a great workout, a mix of bodyweight resistance and plyometric intervals. Then I went for a walk. Such a glorious feeling. Saw the Unisphere in Flushing Meadow Park, the Tennis Center, and Citifield. Walking home I had the desire to sprint. I haven’t run for fun in too long. Any hill I saw I had to run up. Even though the temp dropped after sunset I managed to get home with a bit of sweat. Felt so good.

And that’s when I realized it. As a self-improvement junkie I was spinning my wheels with my usual routine. I would work out in the morning, then spend a lot of time on Amazon.com looking for exercise and nutrition books. All well and good, but nowhere near as effective as getting outside, facing the sun, and opening up the engine. With spring in the air I’m running out of excuses to do this, and I’m thankful. Losing 120 pounds means even a mild NY winter was a bit outside my comfort level…maybe I’ll find myself down south before winter next…

And you? Have you lost sight of your dreams? Sometimes it’s as simple as long-term goals that get sidelined by important matters of the now kind, like bills or family. Sometimes we give ourselves the wrong information; how easy is it to set up prerequisites for success? College and learning can be a great experience but is not always needed; sometimes you gotta jump in with both feet. You often learn what is important and what isn’t much faster than if the facts were given to you beforehand. And sometimes we delude ourselves. We live for so long in one mode of thought that even if we want a different life we stop ourselves with the Words of Death:

It’s impossible

Most times it’s not, but we watch so much television that we’re used to drama, and then recreate it in our lives. Often a new path is hard, or hasn’t been done yet. But that doesn’t make it undoable.  Do a little research and you’ll find others who have succeeded. And if you can’t find someone to emulate, guess what? You’re gonna be the first! So get outside where it’s warm and let the sunlight show you what you can’t see sitting in a dark closet of fear and lies. The sun is nothing but a star, and humans have been using them to guide themselves to new shores for a long time. Find your goal, then the proper course of action, then follow through!


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