Bodyweight exercise is a fantastic path to fitness, especially because it’s free! As long as I have something to squat against (the floor should suffice), push against (the floor will work as well), and pull towards (the floor won’t do, but any vertical or horizontal object you can grab will), I have the opportunity to improve myself anywhere, at any time. Think about all those incarcerated folk and their chiseled phisiques…not that I’m looking to get arrested for more time to work out…My point is I don’t need equipment to improve my health, but sometimes I can’t leave well enough alone.

I came across the TRX suspension training system and fell in love.

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It’s the first system I’ve seen that can actually improve upon bodyweight exercises. By placing yourself at imbalanced positions you force your limbs and core to work harder at stabilizing. And because it works based on leverage you can always find an angle that will challenge you no matter what your current health is. Quick example of leverage: before my shoulder separation I could do standard push ups with no problem. After the accident, not so easy. My solution was wall push ups to develop my range of motion, then lowering the contact point to develop strength. So I look to pick up the TRX only to find the cheapest one is $200. Not a ridiculous price, but a bit much for the chance to do challenging push ups.

So research on shows me the Rip 60 System. Essentially the same product with a 60 day DVD program for $100. Better price, but I don’t need the DVD’s; there’s plenty of info floating around YouTube these days. More Amazon research brings up the Trainer In A Bag. Coming in at between $25-50 this is what I’m looking for price wise, but I’m not sure about the quality.

Looking at exercise videos on YouTube I come across crafty individuals who have built their own suspension trainers starting as low as $10!  This catches my interest, and research turns towards different methods. By the end of Saturday I had an idea for one made for about $30.

Sitting in my apartment, slightly hesitant over my current MacGyver skill set, I notice my girl’s resistance bands draped over a door. I look at the removable handles and have an idea:

The handles are attached to a bike lock cable, which is attached to a bike Ulock, which is attached to a bike chain, which is attached to a pull up bar. Repurposing=$0.00.

Ghetto, but effective!

Over time I will swap out the bike Ulock for a climbing carabiner and the cable and chain for adjustable nylon straps. I’ll also add straps to the handles for foot rests. But right now I have what I want. I don’t have to wait for some undefined future to live a dream. The future will only make it better.

And you? What do you want? Have you put off dreams for later, due to time or financial constraints? Have you let others dictate what and when you can have what you want? Do you sit and hope your happiness will be advertised during your favorite TV show?

Or have you put in the work? Have you looked at the problem from all sides? Have you done the research needed to fulfill your dream? Why should anyone be more of an expert on your dream than you? Don’t you want it? Then make it happen.


One thought on “MacGyver

  1. […] a stomach bug. Lost about five pounds: couldn’t eat or workout. The homemade suspension rig ( happened because I was so low energy I spent Saturday in front of the computer, doing nothing […]

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