So, where have I been hiding?

I’ve been sick since Thursday with a stomach bug. Lost about five pounds: couldn’t eat or workout. The homemade suspension rig ( happened because I was so low energy I spent Saturday in front of the computer, doing nothing else. By Monday I was better and rearing to go. Since then I’ve been working out, eating, resting, and reading exercise and nutrition books. Doing nothing else. I’ve put the weight back on, and it’s been mainly muscle, thanks for asking. This whole episode has taught me two important self-truths:

I am extremely effective when I’m committed.


I am extremely dismissive when I’m committed!

I’ve been experimenting with a reduced workout routine so I can exercise multiple times a day. I’ve been eating a half-hour afterwards, then resting and reading until I was ready to workout and eat again. This taught me two more truths, but we’ll deal with those in the next post. Right now I can tell you that nothing else has happened for the last couple of days. I didn’t leave the house, so no cycling or sprinting or walking, even though it’s been fantastic weather. Even my showers were less about cleaning and more about muscle tension releasing.

But I have bigger muscles for it 🙂

So this is what happens when I focus, when I decide what I want, and try a specific plan to accomplish it…fantastic! This is how to get things done: don’t start something you don’t want to finish, don’t say yes to something you don’t want to do!

I have no idea if this will work for you, I understand there are obligations that cannot be turned down sometimes. But what if you could take control of some aspects of your life? What are the issues you automatically say yes to that you know will bring you misery and do nothing for you but take up your time and energy? Can you find the strength to say no to one thing you always grudgingly say yes to? Can you find one thing to say yes to that you usually say no to?


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