This post almost didn’t get written…again.

I started to think about why I wasn’t writing. What was the cause? I started to doubt my reasons for writing. should I? What were my motives? Yes, people were reading, but was I having an impact? Did my words mean anything?

Thoughts become an army against a lone warrior.

I’ve been working out indoors as of late. Decided to bike to a park and sweat in the sunlight. During the ride it hit me:

It doesn’t matter why or why not.

A part of me wants to write. A larger part of me as of late didn’t.

But it doesn’t matter what I want or don’t want. Because my ACTIONS determined the outcome, not my THOUGHTS.

I still don’t know why I write or why I didn’t. But I chose to act, and now this post exists.

This battle goes to Action, but the war rages on.


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