These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For…

Just got in from a long day of cycling and food shopping. Twenty two miles through two boroughs with produce will make muscles tight and bodies sweaty, even on a cold New York winter’s day. I need a bath. Thinking about posting earlier in the day to avoid these moments. See you all tomorrow. Be good to each other.



Stretching is vital to my daily schedule. Have a program based on my experience doing P90X last year. every morning before I do anything else I stretch, work out, and take a hot bath to release any tight muscles. It’s made me more flexible and pain-free than I’ve ever been.

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Last Day

Halfway through.

No drama. Wasn’t expecting any. Some people may miss me. I did get to know a couple if decent folks. But there won’t be any exchanges of cell numbers or emails. No worries. I got what I wanted. Sort of. I was looking for NYC bail money. This town is so expensive. And crowded. As always a guys’ plan can be derailed by a girl. But I’m happy, so no tears. I may still jump ship, just not alone.

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Your Motive

I don’t know anything. I’m no master of philosophy. Not a college trained nutritionist. Not an experienced physical trainer. Not a journeyman musician. Most certainly not a successful author. Can’t be sure I’ve hit middle age yet. I’m barely qualified to give an opinion; it could be different tomorrow. People do better when they don’t follow my advice; best I can do is help them make up their own minds. So what are you doing here? Continue reading