Bodyweight exercise is a fantastic path to fitness, especially because it’s free! As long as I have something to squat against (the floor should suffice), push against (the floor will work as well), and pull towards (the floor won’t do, but any vertical or horizontal object you can grab will), I have the opportunity to improve myself anywhere, at any time. Think about all those incarcerated folk and their chiseled phisiques…not that I’m looking to get arrested for more time to work out…My point is I don’t need equipment to improve my health, but sometimes I can’t leave well enough alone. Continue reading


The Secret of My Success?

I don’t have the secret to Immortality (maybe immorality…) or the Blueprint to the Best Life Ever but I think I have a couple of key pieces. Continue reading


Spent most of today trying to last-minute shop. I’m never this bad, just not feeling the holiday shopping spirit anymore. Going to see my cousin and his family. Much better way to celebrate.

I learned about stream of consciousness writing in college. Writing nonstop without editing. Staying in the moment. Allowing thoughts to be freed by actions. But I learned about the concept in my teens as a musician. Continue reading