I didn’t post on Friday as I usually do. Truth was, and is, that I don’t know what to write. Continue reading


The Day After

It’s a bit difficult following up a post where you tell people you almost killed yourself. It may come off as dramatic, but considering I lost a friend of mine who hit her head in the shower a year ago to the month, it’s how I see it.

So what do I write? Continue reading

Setting Limits And Going Beyond

Some more housekeeping…felt a new focus for my life and the blog required a new look. If it causes mass hysteria I’ll search for a new-er look.

Going forward I’ll be posting five days a week Monday to Friday at 6:00 EST. All this free time and the excellent procrastination experiment(continue reading) is creating a steady output, so I decided to share the wealth…unless you don’t care for my writing then its torture. You could not read the blog, unless you like torture. Either way you’re welcome.

And our regular content now…

What is it about a limitation that sets off a mindset to go beyond? Continue reading


It’s time for a little experiment.
I procrastinate. Been doing it for a long time. I know I have bills to pay but I wait till the last-minute to write checks, sometimes after the last-minute passes. I was always the last to clock in at work even though I lived the closest. Even posting to this blog I can be a bit irresponsible.
What if I took this into account? What if I built it into the system? Continue reading