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Almost a year ago to the day I had a Grade 3 shoulder separation from a cycling accident. My biggest concern wasn’t loss of strength; I could work out to get it back. It wasn’t pain either; although I’m no fan of suffering, I can learn to manage it. No, my largest fear was Continue reading


I’ve said it before, Existence is awesome. There is so much to be a part of. So much to take in. So much to learn. With the sources of information available to us all, there is no reason to stay ignorant about anything. And there is the good chance to become a master in any chosen topic. All it takes is the dedication of a student. With enough time, experience, and thought, any subject can be taken to depths never before known. The student can become a master. But therein lies a potential problem; Continue reading

Where Are You?

I have a book, “You Are Your Own Gym” by Mark Lauren. Fantastic book; no matter where you are on the health and fitness spectrum, it can take you to the next level. It’s subtitled Use The Body You Have To Build The Body You Want. This is a great concept of using the body’s own resistance through bodyweight exercises to create health and strength.

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The Sickness

Being the mortal that I am, I got sick. It only happens once, maybe twice a year. I think this one was the result of Monday’s bike shopping expedition ( My choices to overdress, not pack water, and not spend my time shopping smarter resulted in a back strained, sweaty, mentally exhausted, unhappy mess. A great recipe for illness.

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