Happy Sunday

Short post. Got family sitting around the table upstairs. Was lots of food. Dessert served now, music and conversation getting louder. Hopefully not too much food in me. Good times.

My wish is for all of you to find that passion that sets our world on fire. More so, the strength and courage to act on it everyday.

Happy Holidays,



Open Road

I’ve never written a travel log before. My cousin wants to read stories. So let’s try until the wheels fall off.

On a bus headed north. Family I haven’t seen since before Thanksgiving. East 84, not that it’s important. So what is? Continue reading


Spent most of today trying to last-minute shop. I’m never this bad, just not feeling the holiday shopping spirit anymore. Going to see my cousin and his family. Much better way to celebrate.

I learned about stream of consciousness writing in college. Writing nonstop without editing. Staying in the moment. Allowing thoughts to be freed by actions. But I learned about the concept in my teens as a musician. Continue reading