The Sickness

Being the mortal that I am, I got sick. It only happens once, maybe twice a year. I think this one was the result of Monday’s bike shopping expedition ( My choices to overdress, not pack water, and not spend my time shopping smarter resulted in a back strained, sweaty, mentally exhausted, unhappy mess. A great recipe for illness.

So how do  get out of this predicament? Continue reading


Sitting Still

Not dedicating forty hours a week to someone elses’ desires leaves me with a lot of time. Instead of doing more, I’ve chosen to go minimalist. I continue to avoid the horrors that are television and movies. Not checking Yahoo mail on my netbook means I don’t see their top stories. Facebook and Twitter are for posting blog updates and occasionally checking in on people’s humorous take on the world. I’ve unplugged the Xbox, and once I finish Unreal tournament 3’s single player the PS3 is getting dusty. Audible cues on my cell have been turned off; I only get messages when I want them. Continue reading

Zombie Walking-EDIT 12/20

I’m laying in an empty tub, unable to move.

For two days; brain fog, stiff, slow, in pain, feeling every year my license says I am. So I’ll soak in a tub. Feeling heavy. Tub drains, and I don’t want to get up. My girl is worse off, passed out on the living room floor. We did this to ourselves. Why? Continue reading