I’ve become a digital hermit.

Truth is, I’ve always been one. I learned about being online because my parents got a computer many years ago and needed someone to show them how it worked. I had no interest before then-this was the dial-up era with slow connection speeds, even though we didn’t know how slow back then. We only knew we had to wait…and wait…

I got my first cell phone in my twenties because I was working and had a girlfriend; I was never home to call her. My history with phones as a teen went along the lines of  “Yo…yeah, I’ll meet you in an hour…later” As an adult not much has changed. I don’t say “Yo” anymore, though…

About a year after people I knew started using Facebook, I joined. Not sure why, looking back. I guess it seemed cool to stay in touch with family that I only saw on holidays, or even less often than that. Twitter came along and I joined that too. Then I realized as a social hermit with a job I hated, I didn’t have much to say.

So what am I doing with a blog?!?

So glad you asked! Looking back it seems like I was looking for change. The last three years have been about change and discovery. My health, living situation, finances, relationships have all undergone massive changes, and I’ve learned so much about myself. It’s been fantastic, and there are no regrets. The blog was set up as an opportunity to force myself out of my comfort zone, my hermit cave, if I may. The chance to let people know what’s going on, to let people interact with the voices in my head, so it wasn’t just me talking to them…

And then I fell off the wagon.

I climbed inside my own skull again. It really is warm and cozy in here, I swear.

So, here I am, standing before an audience…

“Hi, I’m Christopher, and I’m a hermit”

Let the recovery begin…


Sitting Still

Not dedicating forty hours a week to someone elses’ desires leaves me with a lot of time. Instead of doing more, I’ve chosen to go minimalist. I continue to avoid the horrors that are television and movies. Not checking Yahoo mail on my netbook means I don’t see their top stories. Facebook and Twitter are for posting blog updates and occasionally checking in on people’s humorous take on the world. I’ve unplugged the Xbox, and once I finish Unreal tournament 3’s single player the PS3 is getting dusty. Audible cues on my cell have been turned off; I only get messages when I want them. Continue reading

Controlling The Monster

First a bit of housekeeping: I’ve added a Contact Page.

I realize you may want to speak to me about issues that are off topic to posts. So I’ve created an email and Twitter reminder. The more you let me know your thoughts the more content you’ll give me to write about…and hopefully take action on!

And now we return you to our regularly scheduled program… Continue reading


I’ve decided to pull down the old posts. I can see how generic they read. They could have been Dr Phil’s blog for all their emo one size fits all advice. I’m stinking hilarious around people who have been drinking, but I can’t send all of you Jack Daniel’s right now. So I’ll post random topics and snippets that are a bit too much for Twitter’s exacting standards (I’m too smart to be reigned in by 140 characters…or I ramble and really need an editor). I hope you’ll stop by and become part of the conversation. If you don’t then it’s just me talking to the voices in my head, and they NEVER use their indoor voice!